Choosing my Kids | Muncie, Indiana


When I tell people that I stay home with my three children I always get varied responses.  My recent favorite is “Many congrats in choosing the kids as the best ministry around!”   This came from a professional photographer who’s work I admire very much.  He travels the world photographing Christians who are persecuted because they don’t have religious freedoms. He’s doing my dream photography job.  Before I got married and started my family I wanted to travel the world with my camera as a Christian missionary photographer.

My friend hit the nail on the head as to why I made the choice to stay home.  I choose my kids.  The best ministry around is kids, and especially my own kids.  I am influencing three lives that I hope and pray will go out into the big world and influence other lives for the better.  It is easy for me to get caught up in the craziness of every day . . . changing diapers, getting everyone fed and dressed,  trying to find a few minutes to shower and get dressed myself, the boys fighting, and Eliana getting into everything!  It is refreshing to have someone come along and say congrats. He reminded me of why I do what I do, because it is so easy to forget.  Staying home full-time is not for everyone, but whether you stay home or work full or part-time your kids should be most important!

On a regular basis someone comes along and asks me “Didn’t you go to school for photography?”  Sometimes they ask to criticize of my career choice, but my answer to this question a resounding yes!  I did go to school for photography and I do photography, but that’s not all that I do!


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