Learning to Walk

fbDSC_0415It’s very interesting the things that you can learn from babies! Eliana is 1o months old and walking!  I have to say that I was not looking forward to this, because of all the extra work involved in trying to keep her “out of trouble.”  She’s is constantly falling down.  This got me thinking . . . She falls down but she gets right back up again!  She doesn’t just give up!  She keeps trying and the more she practices the better she gets at walking!  You might be thinking, okay, Michelle, babies have been learning to walk since the beginning of time, so what?  Stick with me here.  What if she decided that she wasn’t going to get up again?  What if she decided that walking is too hard?  She’d end up doing what she’s been doing . . . crawling around and not living up to her full potential.  Thankfully, Eliana is determined to become a professional walker and she’s determined to learn and grow. For now she still needs help and I do my best to make sure I’m available to help her.

Isn’t this how life should be?  Shouldn’t we all be determined to learn and grow?  We should not be content to just crawl around.  I am convinced that we should walk . . . we were made to walk.  I’m not just talking about physical walking, but I’m talking about spiritual walking.   We need to keep practicing our “walk” with God to make our relationship with Him better.  We can’t make our relationship with God better if we aren’t spending time practicing.  “Never stop praying.” is one of my favoritie verses because it speaks volumes about my heart’s desire.  I want the prayers of my heart to never stop.  I want to constantly be in touch with my heavenly Father so that I am always be in tune with God’s will for me.  Like Eliana I still need help walking, and thankfully my Father is always available to help me!  He puts be back on my feet and keeps me out of trouble!


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