Reading blogs and such . . .

I wish that I could write here about a great book that I’m reading and I wish that I could write that I got something amazing out of the Bible today.  I have been working on reading a daily devotion along with a Bible passage on a regular basis and some days are better than others.  I started reading blogs these past couple months.  I keep up on a one friend’s personal blogs because she lives far away and is a missionary.  Mostly I like to read mom blogs.  I like these blogs because I can relate to them.  Other moms talk about their lives, their kids, and their adventures and struggles. It’s nice to know someone out there is going through some of the same things I am going through.   I’m sometimes fascinated with their lives not because they are celebrities but because they are in my same line of work.

I also like reading blogs and Facebook posts about the adventures of those who are in different stages of life than I am.  Many have children who are in school and it’s interesting to note how they deal with different situations that arise from day-to-day.  Some of my friends are in high school and are dealing with all the drama of the teenage years and trying to figure out who they are.  Still other friends are working on their college educations.  It really puts life into perspective when you stop to check out what others are going through and how they are dealing with their daily stresses.  Being on Facebook and reading blogs is not frivolous to me, but it’s a way to connect with the much bigger world around me from the comfort of my own home.


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