No ID Required

My mom was an alien.  No, my mom did not live on a planet in a far away galaxy, but she was a resident alien. Before my mom became a U.S. citizen I used to find it very amusing that she had a resident alien card  or a “green card,” so that everyone would know that she although she was a not a citizen she was allowed to reside here in the U.S. legally.

When I became a Christian I gained citizenship in heaven.  This earth is my temorary home, but heaven is permanent residence.  God did not issue me a resident alien card and  I don’t have any from of ID or a “white card” that proves that heaven is really my home. How do people know  that I am a Christian?  My hope is that they know me by the life that I live.  It has been bothering me a lot lately that some people claim that their citizenship is in heaven, but they act and live in a way that would make you think the total opposite.  Looking at my own life, I personally have a lot of work to do to make it obvious to others that this world is not my home.  I am a long way off from being able to say that I am loving in all of my thoughts, my words, and actions.  When I tell people that I am a Christian, I don’t want them to card me and ask for my ID.  I don’t want anyone to say, “Hang on a minute!  This woman says she’s a Christian, but I don’t believe it!”  I want my life to be my identification. I want people to know without my saying anything that I belong to God.  I want my life to shine with the light of God in me, no ID required.


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  1. Carolyn Anderson

    Wonderfully said!

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