She likes to move it, move it!

I wanted to share a few pictures of Miss Eliana and her most recent tricks!  I still can’t believe that she’s walking, but whether I believe it or not it’s true.  She’s well on her way to being an expert walker and runner! fbDSC_0250

I’m going to miss having a stationary baby and it makes me a little sad that my baby is a big girl now.   She is just  so very proud of herself!


I spend a lot of my day chasing after her and I am using this as my excuse for not getting on the treadmill in a while. I cannot let her out of my sight for more than a second and this is one of the reasons why . . .

fbDSC_0244At first I blamed Andy for lifting his sister onto his bed.  He politely corrected me and said “Her did it by herself!”  I had to see it for myself so I put her back onto the floor and sure enough she climbed up onto his bed and started  bouncing up and down!  My 24/7 Super Mommy job just got a little bit tougher, but at least I’m getting my excercise!


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