The Philippines

This Wednesday my mom and sister are flying to the other side of the globe and visiting family in the Philippines.  I am not sure what I am going to do without them.  They are always helping me out in some way!  I’m glad they are going though.  I’m especially glad that my Mom is going though because she is able to go home.   My parents met when my Dad was in the Marines and stationed in the Philippines. My Mom moved to the United States at the age of 19. My Dad wasn’t able to meet her at the airport.  I can’t imagine how scared she was . . . She had never flown.  She didn’t spoke only a little of the  language.  She had never met my grandparents who were picking her up at the airport and had only seen them in a photo.  She may be small, but my Mom is one tough cookie!  I’m very thankful for because I would not exist if my Mom had not been so brave!

Family is really important to me and the fact that I have never met my family members in the Philippines really bothers me.  It’s like 1/2 of my family has always been missing from my life. Thank to technology I have been able to bridge some of the gap.  Some of my cousins are now my Facebook friends and we are able to chat and e-mail thanks to technology.  I really hope that some day I will be able to visit the Philippines.  It is a good thing to remember where you have come from, and it is seemingly an easy thing to forget.

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