38 blessings and counting . . .

SmDSC_0348I decided today that maybe I should count my blessing . . . it’s only a little after 1:30 p.m. and I’m up to 38!  Here’s my list so far . . . 1. I woke up to Eliana crying and James brought her to bed for me, so that I wouldn’t have to get up to get her. 2. James kissed me goodbye. 3. James told me that he loved me. 4. He told me to have a good day. 5. Joshua got into bed with me and went back to sleep. I went back to sleep too! 6. I woke up on my own. 7. I was able to get out of bed without waking Joshua or Andy (who had joined us in bed without my knowing it) 8. When Joshua woke up he came and gave me a hug. 9. James sent a text message prayer for me. 10. James sent me another text message saying I love you. 11. I got an e-mail from my sister who is in the Philippines and found out she and my mom are doing well. 12. The boys are content to watch a little t.v. so that I could work on my computer. 13. When Eliana woke up I went to get her out of her crib and she smiled and bounced up and down when she saw me. 14. When I picked Eliana put she gave me a hug and patted my back. 15. Snuggling with time with Mommy is how Eliana wants to start her day today and everyday. 16. My friend posted a photo of her newborn smiling in his sleep. 17. A friend responded back to my compliment about his photographs ‘I’ve learned a picture may be worth 1000 words but 1000 pictures is worth at least one good photo.” 18. Andy told me that he fruit for breakfast not cereal. 19. Shortly after the previous declaration he ran to the bathroom loudly telling everyone “I have to go potty!” 20. I was motivated to dust and organize. 21. It’s 60 degrees outside 22. The kids and I took a walk. 23. The boys held on to the sides of the stroller and did not try to wander away. 24. We have a “secret” place that we walk to that is wooded and quiet. We can walk along a pathway/drive to get to a pond. I think it is part of someone’s property. 25. James called and I told him about our day and he shared that his day was going well. 26. The boys picked up leaves and sticks. 27. We threw rocks into the pond. 28. Our neighbors waved at us. 29. I snapped some photographs 30. On the walk back to our house Eliana fell asleep 31. The boys swung on the swing set. 32. My tenderhearted Andy found a dead bird on the inside of the top pole of the swing set. He cried and said he didn’t want the bird to be dead, but he wanted it to fly. 33. Eliana stayed asleep even when we gat back inside. 34. Joshua and Andy fought over who gets the bread, peanut butter, and jelly out for “Peanut Butter Jelly Time. 35. Andy didn’t want to take a nap and wanted someone to fly him to bed. He reluctantly flew himself to bed. 36. Eliana looked back at me to see if I was watching her and smiled. 37. I got an e-mail from a friend. 38. Nap time for the boys is quiet time for me.

Some of these things might not seem like blessings to others, but they are blessings to me.  I have to choose whether or not to look at the glass as half empty or half full.  I’m trying to work harder to be more positive.  Every day can be a good day if I stop to intentionally find the good in the day!

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