All in a Day's Adventure . .

Andy woke up and came into my room and stared at me until I woke up and put him in my bed.  We fell back to sleep.  Joshua woke up and tapped my arm. I laid there debating whether or not to get up because I know from experience that I cannot sleep with Joshua in my bed unless he is dead tired.  He is one of those kids that does not hold still and he always wants to hold your hair. So I got up and so started my day’s adventures.

I called my Dad and asked him if he’d come over for a few minutes so I could run to the grocery store that is a two-minute drive from my house. He came over a little later and I went to the store expecting a very quick trip in and out of the store.  Of course, I ran into someone I know and we stood there talking in the aisle for who knows how long.  This would have been okay, but before my friend and I finished talking a nice elderly man came up to us asking if we were basketball fans and he then began telling us a story.  His name was Wes and he is an 82-year-old basketball lover, a kidney dialysis/cancer/diabetic patient. He walks around Marsh to excercise while his wife buys groceries.  He recounted his story of attending Indiana University’s Midnight Madness, meeting the coaches and players and being introduced to the crowd of almost 14,000 people.  He told us that all the photographers were taking his photo and wanting to talk to him after his moment in the spotlight.  I thought this ironic since both my friend and I are photographers. Neither of us told him this though. I decided to check his story out and sure enough I found a photo of him with IU’s coach! Click here to view the story & a photo of Wes. It was very fun to have met him and I’m glad that I let him tell me his story.  I was wearing my IU sweatshirt so maybe that’s why he felt compelled to share his story with me. My quick trip was not too quick, but that was fine by me!

Part of my day was spent tending to injuries.  At one point I was in the kitchen with Andy and Eliana and the next thing I know Joshua is telling me his foot hurt.  He is always getting bumps and bruises, so I didn’t pay too much attention until I looked and saw that his big toe was bleeding.  I have no idea what he cut his toe on!  Joshua hit Andy in the nose and Andy’s nose is super sensitive so it started bleeding.  It started bleeding again before he went to bed.  I am not sure how many times Eliana fell or how many times she hit her head or was knocked down by her brothers.  It was a lot today and I do mean a lot.  She has the bruises to prove it because she is determined to run everywhere she goes.

This is not the whole story of my day’s adventure, but just a part I thought I’d share with you.  My days are always adventures . . . and that is what I’m thankful for today!


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  1. Sondra Himelick

    know you never have a dull day. you have a wonderful family.

    Love Grandma

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