Pobe the rabbit

I don’t know if any of you ever had an imaginary friend  when you were growing up or if your kids had or have an imaginary friend. Andy’s friend is a brown and white rabbit named Pobe (or POE – BEE).  Andy is such a story teller!  This past few weeks this rabbit has gotten into all kinds of trouble.  He has been in jail and gotten out of jail. Sometimes Andy requests that we pray for Pobe so he won’t go to jail again.  Sometimes Pobe is dead and then he comes back to life.  A while back Pobe had to go to the doctor because he his ear had been cut off and the doctors had to put it back on again.  The tales he spins about his imaginary rabbit crack me up!

I asked Andy today if Pobe was in jail and he told me that he is out of jail.  I asked where he is and Andy told me very seriously, “He’s at bunny rabbit work.” I asked what does Pobe do at work and Andy told me that he and Pobe shoot guns, and swim in a pool, and do karate. He demonstrated some karate kicks and even got Joshua on it.  I told him that it sounded like Pobe was at camp to which Andy replied, “It looks like a garden.”  Curious as to how Pobe got out of jail I asked Andy how Pobe got out and Andy said, “He used a ladder. That’s how he got out.” Silly Me . . . I should have known that Pobe is an escaped felon!

I am going to show Andy the movie Harvey at some point.   I know that he will enjoy it! Not sure if I will ever let him watch Drop Dead Fred though!


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