Amnesia is total or partial loss of memory.  I am pretty sure that I have had several bouts of amnesia and a condition that I refer to as “Mommy Brain.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember much from when I was four years old and younger.  I have previously talked to my ob doctor several times about how the hormones that are released after a woman gives birth cause her to forget the pain and agony of giving birth to a child.  Why else would any sane woman what to keep having children?  I’ve done it three times over and I am glad that for that amnesia!

Today I was puting decorations on the Christmas tree and Eliana kept pulling decorations off the tree.  I kept correcting her over and over and over.  I would sit her down, take the ornament away and tell her “No, no Eliana.” This went on several times, too many times to count, and I started to get frustrated.

I went into the office to vent to James and his reply was, “You have to deal with it. You’ve done this before.”  I wish I could confess that a light went on and I had an epiphany, but I wanted there to be something different about training my almost 1-year-old in comparison with her brothers.  I decided the only difference between then and now is that I had amnesia.  The boys’ birthdays are Sept. and Jan. so they were both right around the same age that Eliana is now when they first learned to leave the tree alone.  I have done this before!

In this case I think “Mommy brain,” is to blame for my forgetting.  “Mommy brain” is the forgetting that happens when you become a mom and you cannot remember the littlest things because you have so many things to do each and every day to ensure the survival of your children and your own mental sanity.  Just google “mommy brain” if you don’t believe me!

Since my first battles earlier today t o correct Eliana, I’ve only had to correct her  a few times today about leaving the Christmas ornaments and the tree alone.  I’m glad too because I have heard of parents who could not get their kids to leave the tree alone putting the tree in a playpen and I’m not about to do that!  It’s okay for her to look just not to touch!

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