A 1, a 2, and a 3-year-old

I realized the other day that from Dec 6. 2009 – Jan 16, 2010 I will have a 1-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 3-year-old.  I had a kid every year from 2006-2008.  2009 is almost over and guess what????  No baby this year!  🙂  It was very nice to take a year off!  Ha ha!

It seems like the kid’s transitions seem to always fall at the same time.  My independent Andy, who turns 4 on January 17, has decided that most days he doesn’t need a nap.  He’s also decided that he can do everything by himself! Joshua has been regressing a little, as most kids do when they are getting ready to go through a developmental growth spurt.  Temper tantrums and yelling seem to be his favorite forms of communication.  He been extra clingy and wants to cuddle a lot.  He fights laying down at night because he wants just a few more cuddles.  My on-the-move Eliana, who turns 1 on Sunday, just wears me out! She has discovered the joys of climbing and running and following myself and her brothers where ever we go.

It seems really crazy some days to have kids so close in age.  I know that a few of my friends wonder how in the world I do it every day.  The truth is . . . since I am confessing . . . Some days are better than others, some days I don’t know how I get anything done or how I manage anything.  I do not measure the success of a day by how clean the house is or by if all the laundry is clean and folded and put away.  If that were the case I would fail miserably each and every day .  I measure my success by the fact that my kids are taken care of, they are healthy, and they are happy (at least most of the time).

Caring for 3 kids is a constant learning process. I remember a time when I would not eat lunch  because I could not figure out how to make time to feed a baby and still eat something myself.  I sometimes long for the days of only having 2 mouths to feed.  Now I have one bottomless pit, one super picky eater (two if you count James),  and one toddler. Some days I make 4 completely different things for us to eat.  I almost never miss a meal.  I know that “super mommy” has got to eat!

I am far from perfect and I know that there are always things that I feel like I need to work on.  Lately I really need to work on refraining from yelling to get my point across.  They yell, I yell, they yell louder . . .it is not helpful or productive.  They make me mad sometimes and I really don’t like getting mad at them.  They are just kids and getting angry with them doesn’t help them and it doesn’t help me.

I believe that Super Mommy requirement #1 is  striving to be a better Super Mommy!

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