Merry Christmas!!!

I decided that an updated banner is long overdue.  The first photo is from this time last year and all the other photos are from the past couple days.  What a difference a year makes!  I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas.  The first snow and all the cold weather have really make it obvious that Christmas-time is here.  I can’t imagine living some where that is warm at Christmas-time.  I think I have spent too many winters in Indiana!

My friend typed X-mas instead of Christmas today and some of this friends gave him a hard time about his lack of “Christ” in the spelling.  So I thought I’d share some thoughts about the X-mas debate.  Did you know that “X,” is the Greek letter Chi, and is the first letter of the word, Christos (ΧΡΙΣΤΟ Σ) meaning Christ.  So the X really does mean Christ.

Early Christians would use secret symbols to reveal their faith to other Christians.  One believer would draw a line or a half circle on the ground or on paper.  If the people greeting them was also a Christian they would cross the other believer’s line to form an X or  make an opposite half circle to form an ichthys (Jesus fish).  Say X-mas all you want!  🙂 Say Merry Christmas all you want!   It is sad that it’s become an exceptional thing for people to say Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas or Merry X-mas! It’s all the same to me! It’s all about Jesus Christ coming to earth to save us!


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