'Tis the Season

It has been a good weekend. Saturday  the boys of the family got haircuts.  The whole family took a short road trip to Silvertowne in the booming metropolis of Winchester, Indiana.  We had lunch at the little Asian restaurant at the mall.  We used a gift card that a friend sent us as an early Christmas gift.  I love gift cards.  You can get something that you want  instead of using the money for various bills or other necessities.   James got a hooded sweatshirt, I got pajamas, Joshua got an outfit, and Eliana got an outfit and we had to add just a little over $10.  Not too bad!

Today James made a big breakfast of bacon, pancakes, and scrambled eggs and then we got everyone ready for church.  Service was wonderful and worshipful.  Afterwards I led the children in making Christmas ornaments while pizza from Papa Murphy’s was cooking in the oven.  We watched  the beginning of the Colts game and enjoyed fellowship with our church family.  Then the children went a little bit down the road to decorate a neighbor’s house, and then began practice for the Christmas play.  Eliana actually took a nap while the kids were making ornaments.  Andy is supposed to be a Wiseman in the Christmas program, but he would not stand and he would not sing so we came home early.  Joshua was extra tired too, and wanted to run around the stage.  It has been a long day, but it’s been a good day nonetheless.

‘Tis the season for shopping, and for enjoying time with family and those we love.  ‘Tis the season for ornaments and for Christmas plays.  Most importantly ’tis the season for being thankful for a wonderful Savior and for the life that He gives!

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