Ready of not?

I can’t believe that Christmas is 8 days away.  I still have tons to do, and I only have a couple things done.  I have Christmas cards and I have photos printed to put in the Christmas cards.  I have the kids Christmas shopping done.  I have not addressed my cards.  I have not gotten stamps.  I have not wrapped a single thing. I don’t have the laundry done. I never have the laundry done who am I kidding?  I love a friend’s name for her laundry. She calls it her “nemesis,” and that pretty much sums up what the laundry is for me!  I still need to find a gift for James.  I still want to make some little things.  I really wanted to craft a little bowling set for the kids from plastic bottles that I saved.  A trip to Hobby Lobby is required for some “gesso” so that  paint will stick to the plastic.  I bought a plain long sleeve t-shirt to personalize for Eliana.  I’m thinking about painting little birds and writing Little Sister on it.  I need to place my order for the free calendar that I made through Vista Print.  I still have to pay shipping and I discovered they have an awesome deal for printing business cards. Yesterday I managed to break two of the three drawers of Joshua’s dresser. I think it’s pitiful that “they” don’t make furniture like they used to . . . the front of Joshua’s dresser drawers WERE held on with little flimsy plastic bracket pieces and all 4 pieces on one drawer snapped and 2 on the other snapped in the same day!  I need to figure out if I can fix the drawers some how and it might require power tools and I am not handy with power tools.  I am tempted just to use duct tape! It’s good for everything right?  Not having a place to put away Joshua’s clothes is not helping with the laundry by the way, as if I need another excuse not to put the clean laundry away.  If I don’t get the bowling set or calendar before Christmas I know that can use them as gifts for Andy birthday!  His birthday is January 17th and the final birthday in the August through January celebrations.  That reminds me I need to start planning his party!!!  Ahhhh!!!!  Ready of not Christmas is coming!

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