A hotdog on his face!

Honestly some times I forget that Andy is just turning 4 next month.  There are times that he talks to me about different things and I feel like I must be the mother of a teenager.  Yesterday while we were making crafts for grandparents and friends he reverted back to his almost 4-year-old self.  Our craft involved stickers that Andy and Joshua had picked out.  Andy picked out food stickers . . . one of which was a hotdog.  The whole process went something like this . . .Andy would pick a sticker and tell me where he wanted to put it.  He picked a hotdog and wanted me to put in on his face!  The hotdog was big enough to cover his entire face and I advised against it and we agreed to put the hotdog in the corner of the photo. While I was helping Joshua place butterflies around his photo Andy moved the hotdog and guess what??? He put it over his face! I had to peel it carefully and then I had to buff the sticker goo off but I saved it!

The Christmas cards are mailed! Christmas crafts started. Christmas gifts are wrapped.  Andy wanted our kitchen to be a “Christmas kitchen” so I made paper snowflakes to put up along our wall.  The Christmas program and candlelight service is tonight and I hope that Andy sings! He has had a lot of practice!  The countdown to Christmas continues!

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