The Year in Review!

In just a few short days 2009 will be history so I would like to take a look back at this year.

1.  This year our family made the adjustment from being a family of four to a family of five.  Eliana was born Dec. 6, 2008, but in 2009 we watched Eliana grow from a tiny baby girl into a walking, running, climbing toddler! She’s our princess!

Miss Eliana on her birthday

2.  James went from teaching at two different middle schools in Carmel to teaching classes at the high school as well.  This year James took some of his Latin students to Italy during summer break. He is also doing a little bit of tutoring on the side.

3.  This was the year that James went back to working at Boy Scout Camp during the summer. We introduced our 3 kids to Ransburg Scout Reservation in Bloomington, Indiana.  James has always loved RSR and now the whole family loves it!  We’re already looking forward to next summer! Here’s a photo of Daddy and Andy giving the US flag the scout salute.

4.  It was the year that Andy was fully potty-trained!  One down 2 to go!  Andy fell in love with camp and made lifelong friends with several of the camp staff.  He seems to grow more and more independent by the day.  He loves to sing and to read books!  He loves dressing up as a giraffe! This is the 2nd year he was in the church Christmas program. These days he loves watching Dinosaur Train and learning about dinosaurs.  He got a new dinosaur book for Christmas!

5.  Joshua turned 2 in September.  He’s more and more talkative every day.  He’s cute and he knows it! Joshua wasn’t too sure about the dirt and grass at camp but by the end of the summer he was jumping in mud puddles.  He’s loves running, climbing, and jumping off of everything!  Thankfully we’ve been blessed to not have to visit the emergency room this year!

6. My photography business is growing.  I redesigned my website and I created a Facebook page for my business and I currently have 181 fans and counting!  I created my own business cards and have steadily gotten more work.

7. Church has continued to be an important part of our lives.  James sings with the worship team, and leads Men’s breakfast Bible studies once a month.  I directed Vacation Bible school for the 2nd year in a row and continued to be part of the Children’s ministry at church.  Andy and Joshua both attend the Children’s services on Wednesday and Sunday and love learning Bible stories!


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