I like to post about happy things, but sometimes it seems that the happy things are few and far between!   The weather is extra cold.  There are not enough hours of sunshine to suit me.  We got the Christmas tree put away but we’re still working on the other Christmas decorations.  Since Christmas the boys’ room has not been clean and right now they can barely make it to their beds let alone try to play in there.  My nemesis, the laundry, in both clean and dirty form, has taken over the laundry room, and my bedroom. Today the piles are better than they were yesterday, but you have to take my word on it because honestly it doesn’t look like I touched anything today. Andy didn’t take a nap 2 days in a row making the evening hours very trying on Mommy and Daddy’s nerves.  We’re still working on getting Joshua to understand that screaming is not an acceptable form of communication every time he doesn’t get what he wants.

Then there is poor Eliana.  Eliana is cutting not 1 tooth, or 2 teeth.  I thought she was cutting 4 of her molars at once.  While she was screaming today I realized that she is cutting 4 molars and 2 other teeth for a grand total of 6!  No wonder she was up have the night wanting to nurse.  On top of that she has little red bumps all over, that I’m sure are heat rash.  If that was not enough she has diarrhea and a diaper rash.   I should have gotten Motrin instead of Tylenol!

I guess what I really want is for someone to have sympathy for me and to please pray for me and for someone to care.  I know that this too shall pass.  I’m typing this as Eliana is nursing and her brothers are being couch potatoes.  I love the peace and quiet and I do love my family.  Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems!

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