If You Read a Boy a Book

If you read a boy a book at bedtime, then he will want you to read another and another book until you convince him that he should save a book for tomorrow.   When Joshua did not want to brush his teeth I mentioned that “brown bear” was on his toothpaste. When I finally got him into bed he wanted to read a book.  His first choice was “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” and his second choice was “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”  Third he asked for “Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?” but I told him that we can save that for tomorrow.  He wasn’t happy but he relented.

Eliana’s great teething adventure is getting better. Three out of the six teeth (six, which I still think is just wrong,) have made their way through the her gums.  I think that perhaps the worst part is over.  The nights have still been rough.  I think it’s because during the day when she’s running around she doesn’t really have time to notice her teeth bothering her, but when she wakes up in middle of the night it’s a totally different story.  That and I think her separation anxiety is at it’s worst now. This too shall pass.

Andy has just been downright silly these days.  I’ve made a list of things that he says this week.  I will save it for another post though.  He’s been talking about his imaginary friend the bunny rabbit Pobey (Poe-Bee) a lot lately.  In five days he will be 4-years-old and I absolutely cannot believe that I have spent 4 years with him.  More on that later as well!

Take care and God bless dear friends!


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