Where does he come up with this stuff?

  • Don’t move a muscle. (The other day when he wanted me to stay in his room and help him pick up his toys.)
  • I have nothing to say about that. (After I made him try the Chicken Alfredo that I made for him because of course all he ever wants for lunch is “peanut butter jelly time.” I asked if he liked the pasta and this was his response.
  • You are a stinky old pickle.
  • My bunny rabbit has 7 cousins.
  • Bad bunnies make holes in your body.
  • I want to eat peanut butter jelly time before I eat anything else. It has bread and peanut butter and jelly on it.
  • The germs push your food all the way down to your feet to make room for more food. Germs are icky and yucky and slimey.
  • Andy-The boy scouts say they are freezing. Me- What boy scouts? Andy – the boy scouts that we know. (We were talking about going to camp in the summer when it is warmer outside)
  • Coming to me with a bloody nose and a bloody tissue talking in an angry tone. “You did not put that stuff in my nose so it would not bleed.”  “It’s your fault.” With frequent nose bleeds the dr. recommended that we put vaseline in Andy’s nose once a month to keep it moist.
  • Why are you not sleeping? You are supposed to sleep when you eat breakfast.
  • “Is it going to be cold or warm?” Every day when I tell him to get dressed he asks me so he knows whether to put long sleeves on. The other day he got something on his sweatshirt so I pulled it off of him.  He was only wearing a t-shirt and he asked “Short-sleeves? Is it warm outside?”
  • You are a bad guy!  Any time I make him upset he resorts to calling me a bad guy.
  • Can we pray really fast? (I don’t think that my prayers are nearly as long as he thinks they are.)

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