Crazy pregnant woman confessions

I have decided that being pregnant and all that it entails makes me a little more crazy than usual.  I have super weird and extra details dreams when I am pregnant.  Just as an example a recent dream involved a religious cult developing a weapon that made meteorites rain down onto the U.S. and killing hundreds of people and destroying a city.  People get on my nerves more than usual.  Things that only irritated me before make me super angry and mad.  I have a lower tolerance for people’s nonsense and I have a harder time biting my tongue. Maybe most of the problem is that at this point I still feel super exhausted and tired 90 percent most of the time. I lounge around in my pj’s all morning in hopes that during naptime I’ll get motivated to get on the treadmill and exercise and that after exercising I’ll be able to shower while everyone sleeps.  Being tired doesn’t help with the motivation.  I am really excited about the Target version of the Bella Band that I found,  so I won’t have anyone singing “Pants on the Ground,” to me!  I can still get my pants on but I can’t keep them from slipping down!

I can’t stop thinking about food.  I get really hungry during the day.  I have a bowl of cereal around 8:30 and by 10 a.m. my stomach is growling.  Today I had a steak for lunch, because my sister-in-law two days ago told me that she was having a steak for dinner.  I couldn’t stop thinking about steak, so I had to go buy steak.  For the record I got 4 small steaks all for me, because James has no desire to ever eat steak.  I had no idea what to eat with a steak so I decided that toast with cinnamon and sugar sounded good.  I am thinking about a banana and a glass of milk now.   I have also been pondering who I can ask to retrieve a Carter’s Nearly World Famous hotdog from the “Hotdog Man” in Ball State University’s Village after midnight on a Friday or Saturday night.   I hate hotdogs all except for these!  James will surely be sleeping at that time and it is freezing cold outside.  Maybe I will sneak out to get one for myself. Hmmm . . .


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2 responses to “Crazy pregnant woman confessions

  1. Good job with this post! This is extremely valuable information. I bookmarked your blog and will definitely come back for more help.

  2. Enjoyed this post! I still remember, during my first trimester of my first pregnancy, actually getting out of the car at a stoplight to confront a woman who had been tailing me. It’s like pregnancy hormones put me in an altered state – I was much quicker to anger and irritability.

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