What to do.

There has been a crisis looming in the life of someone I love and it has really been all I have been able to think about these past few days.  I keep mulling over the whole situation and I have decided that I’m just going to have to pray.  It’s all that I can do and it’s the most that I can do.  When I feel like this I find it good therapy to stop and count my blessings.  I’m getting really excited about having a baby.  The other day I was giving a bath to Andy, Joshua, and Eliana.  I have found that this makes bath time a lot less time-consuming.  I was thinking about how there is not room in the tub for a fourth kid!  Maybe I’ll have to give baths two at a time?  Andy still is not too keen on the idea of another baby.  When asked if he wants another baby he firmly says no.  He’s been a little more defiant with me lately and I think the idea of a new baby is part of the problem.  Joshua is a whole different story.  His face lights up in a big grin and he gives an enthusiastic “Yeah! or he says “Me, me, me,” when we ask him about having another baby or who wants another baby. He’ll say over and over “Baby, baby, baby” and ask if the baby will be like Eliana.  He has tried to tell me that there is a baby in his belly too.  This morning I asked if he wants a baby girl or a baby boy and he said baby boy.  Yesterday at church James and I stood before our church family and friends and they gathered around us to pray for us and for the new addition to our family.  I’m so thankful for the support of my family and friends during this time.  The end of my first trimester is this Friday!  I’m ready to start feeling less tired and to break out the maternity clothes.  Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

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