For the Love of My Little People

Today I was thinking about all the little things that I love about my little people.  I spent most of my childhood loving other people’s children.  My mom was always babysitting.  As the oldest of three I was always helping with my younger siblings.  My mom will tell you that from the day my sister came home from the hospital she was my very own baby doll.  I don’t think anything can really prepare you for how much you love your own children though.  They are special and unique.  They are a part of you.  They bring out your best and your worst qualities, and hopefully more of your best qualities.

Joshua is my energetic and outgoing little boy.  He’s also my lovey-dovey boy.  He’s always on the move.  Always smiling.  Always cuddling and giving hugs.  Last week he was sitting in my lap and pointing to my knees, said, “Aww, beautiful knees Mommy.”  Not so sure that compliment will melt the heart of any young lady in his future, but he got his Mommy hook, line, and sinker!  Andy is a lot like his Daddy.  He’s sometimes very serious and sometimes very very silly.  He has an endless imagination.  He is always pretending to be a superhero or a dinosaur or a dog.  He is always telling stories about his friend the bunny rabbit Pobee.   He is always telling us things that he has learned and can be very precocious.  I sometimes forget that I’m talking to a four year old.  Eliana is a lot like Joshua with sweetness and her smiles.  Some have actually asked me if she ever cries.  She can also be very stern and serious when you are telling her something she doesn’t like or when she doesn’t get her way.  She is a girl after all!  With two older brothers she is rough and tumble and sometimes fearless.  I am not sure how many times I have seen her flip off of the couch or a chair and onto the floor, but she does it over and over again!  Sometimes she lands gracefully and sometimes she doesn’t.  When her dismount is a mess she’ll cry for less than a minute before going at it again. That’s my girl! I wonder what the new baby will be like, but I know I’ll just have to wait and see.


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