Back and Forth

It seems that all I do is go back and forth.  Sometimes my heart soars with feeling loved and blessed.  My heart melts when Joshua comes up to me and starts sweetly saying, “Hi, mommy, mommy, mommy.” I wish I could freeze time when Andy comes and sits next to me, snuggles in close, and says “I want to sit by you.”  Eliana puts her little arms around my neck, smiles, and says over and over, “ma, ma, ma, ma, ma,” and I wish I could hold her in my arms always.  It’s in little moments like these when I cannot believe that these children are my own.  How did I get to be so blessed?

Along with all the little things that I love, I will confess, since my blog is named “Maganda Confessions,” that there are plenty of little things that my kids do that make me upset and frustrated.  I get so frustrated when I have told Andy and Joshua over and over to clean up and they keep playing with their toys like they don’t hear me at all.  There are times when Eliana pulls DVD and CD cases off the shelf one by one and puts them into a pile.  She will sometimes stop to take one out of the case to slobber on it. (Sorry Daddy!)  Andy has made a habit of putting toys in his mouth.  Nine times out of ten when I ask Joshua to come here he either runs back and forth or he just runs away.  Eliana insists on pulling the tablecloth in an attempt to reach something that she wants.  Andy likes to guzzle all of his milk, juice, or water at the beginning of every meal and then less than five minutes later he is whining that he is thirsty.  I know that my kids are just kids, and “they” do says that kids will be kids!

“Just wait until they are teenagers!” a random passerby more than once has commented to me, upon seeing our family out and about.  To those people I would like to say that I will happily wait and while I am waiting I am going to attempt to enjoy every minute of watching my kids grow.

As I typed this post the kids dragged all of their blankets off of their beds and into the living room.  They have piled them by the window so they can see out.  I could get angry and upset at the mess or I can marvel at their problem-solving skills and ingenuity!  I may go back and forth but I wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world!


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  1. Carolyn Anderson

    Enjoy every minute of this time. The sweet memories will still give you joy years and years from now. Remember, your children only have one childhood. And we do not get “do-overs” in raising our children. And it might be good to take notes, and write down the sweetest and funniest things. You don’t want to forget a thing!

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