Counting Down, Sorting, and Getting Out

Only 76 days until camp starts and only 158 days until baby’s due date. I am actually looking forward to camp even though I know I  will be 7 months pregnant and chasing after 3 little kids during the heat of the summer. The cabin does have A/C and maybe it will be another mild summer.  I never ever confess to being absolutely sane, but I do love the outdoors and I do love growing and taking care of my little ones!

I do not love sorting clothes. Yesterday i spent a lot of time sorting clothes from 0-3 month clothes all the way up to size 6 in boys! I separated the baby boys clothes from the baby girls clothes.  I should find out in a little over ONE MONTH if I am having boy or girl. I’m won’t complain too much about sorting clothes because I am thankful that I don’t have to buy too many new clothes for Joshua or too many new clothes for the new baby that is coming.

It was sad to pack away some of my pre-pregnancy clothes because I have “outgrown” them. I discovered that when I am standing I can’t see the front of my belly anymore. I dropped some pancake batter on my shirt and I thought it was just a little spot. When I felt the front of my shirt and pulled my shirt out to see how bad the spill actually was I realized that it was a much bigger spot!  :::note to self::: always check the front of your shirt in a  full-length mirror for a proper inspection before leaving the house!

Our family is loving that the weather has warmed up! We’ve had picnics and walks by the river. All the kids are super excited about going on walks. Even Eliana will bring her shoes and her jacket to me at random times during the day to tell me she wants to go for a walk.  My sister bought the kids a playhouse, and  last summer our pastor and his wife gave us a swing set, so we’ve spent a lot of time out in our backyard too! Before bedtime I always try to give the kids a heads up on what tomorrow will hold and since I knew it was going to be rainy today I had to come up with some super fun activity to make up for not being able to go on a walk. I suggested painting hand and foot prints.  It wasn’t too messy and it was a lot of fun for a rainy day activity!

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  1. Angie Wright

    Lol, about the full length mirror thing! How cute!! ;))

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