The Towing

You never know what a two-year-old boy might be attached to. Today we had our Pontiac towed to a mechanic so it could be fixed. As the tow truck driver was putting the car onto the lift I told Joshua to look at the truck with Daddy’s car on it.  I was not prepared for his troubled and upset response. I guess I only expected him to think the lights on the truck were cool.  Instead as the tow truck pulled away  he began crying and said, “Oh no, they taking my car away!” A few hours later when Andy mentioned the car Joshua sat in the chair by the window and began crying again and saying he wanted Daddy’s car back. I had to assure him that they were taking it to be fixed because it was broken and that we would in fact see the car again. It was cute but it was also heartbreaking. I never thought about him reacting that way and thinking that they were taking our car away forever. I knew that the car  being towed was a good thing, but Joshua did not.

I will confess that in my 30 years of life there have been a lot of things that I have been attached to. Over the years I have had several things in my life “towed away,” causing me sadness and grief. I have lost material things that meant a great deal to me. I have lost loved ones through death and through the breaking off of friendships or relationships. Looking back I can see how these losses no matter how painful have made me better. Like a child in the moment, I could not see past the loss, but like a parent God knew what was going on even when I didn’t understand.  Looking back I see more clearly.



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2 responses to “The Towing

  1. Kim Sterk

    I understand about the car! When I was pregnant with Addison, Jeremy was trying to sell a little Ford Ranger truck so we could get something bigger that two car seats would fit into. We finally found a buyer for the truck and when they came to pick it up, Lilly cried and cried!! I never thought she would have become so attached to that truck! It is funny how things like that affect the kids!

  2. Stacey

    Poor guy! I feel his pain. We sold one of our cars last week quite suddenly. We’d been wanting to sell it, but hadn’t done much to do so. Then it all fell into place quickly. Anyway, I, too, get attached to items and cried off and on the whole day over a silly car! It’s also bad when I get rid of a computer…

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