Learning about Babies

The conversation over breakfast yesterday was very interesting.  Somehow Andy got on the topic of how he used to be a baby in my belly.  He told me that he was really small, naked, and covered in chocolate and that I ate him.  That is how he got in my belly.  I think his theory is very interesting but I admit that I am more than happy to let him think that is how babies are made for now.  He is only 4 after all!  I think part of this theory comes from my letting him watch videos on babycenter.com about how a baby develops in the womb.  He was fascinated and wanted to watch all the little videos and so we watched all of them together.  They show that our baby’s bones are getting harder and that the baby is starting to move more.  There were about 6 different little videos and each lasts only a few minutes.   We’ve watched all of them twice.  After watching a part about how baby’s become either boys or girls Andy wanted to know if our baby is a boy or a girl.  He still really wants it to be a boy, but I told him we have to wait until I have an ultrasound so we can see pictures of the baby.  At one point in the afternoon I told Andy that I could feel the baby moving and I had him put his hand on my belly.  I’m not sure that he really felt anything, but his eyes got very wide and he said excitedly “It’s growing!”  Indeed, it is!  Next time, I think I’d better watch out for eating anything chocolate-covered!


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