Foot stomping

Today’s Confession . . .  I cried at last night’s church service, because my son was stomping his foot.  Our pastor’s wife was playing an upbeat song and I was singing along when I noticed that someone was stomping to the music.  When I looked around the stomping had stopped and I thought maybe I had only imagined it.  It started again and I looked beside me and was totally caught off-guard!  Andy was the one stomping along to the beat of the music.  He was sitting stomping one foot, and playing and not really paying attention to the song.  I’m sure that pregnancy hormones have something to do with it, but I couldn’t hold back the tears.  James noticed the tears streaming down my face, and he started rubbing my back to comfort me.  I leaned over to whisper to him that Andy was stomping his foot and that my Grandpa used to do that.  It seem really silly now, but I had forgotten that my Grandpa, who went to heaven more than 8 years ago, used to stomp his foot all the time during worship. Hearing and feeling my own son stomping his foot along to the music just like my Grandpa used to brought back a flood of joyful memories to my heart and along with the joy I was sad because I really miss my Grandpa.  It is very interesting how the little things can make you remember how much you love someone and how much you miss them!  Do you think foot-stomping could be genetic?

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