I Married An Eagle Scout

Last night I again found myself being thankful that I married an Eagle Scout.  I cannot stand it when restaurants, especially family ones, don’t have highchairs with working straps. For one thing, I do not want my child to hurt herself climbing out of the chair and for another, I do not want to have to wrangle my child while trying to eat my meal.  At Applebee’s the only available high chair was one that had broken straps!  James knows how to make all kinds of knots and although he didn’t have enough strap to make a full knot he was able to rig a “bite” and keep our little climber in her seat throughout our meal.

The man knows knots and lashing!  We have an older style, almost antique, wooden recliner. There is an adjustable bar behind the back of the chair that you can move into different positions to recline the back.  Leather straps are supposed to hold the cushions in place, but with age the straps have broken. My Eagle Scout has made lashings to replace some of the straps. Once on a camping trip one of our camping chairs came apart and my Eagle Scout was able to put it back together again with some nifty knots and lashings.  These are just a few things he has fixed!

The motto of the Boy Scouts of America “Be Prepared,” has come in handy on more occasions than I can ever count.  James usually has a Swiss Army Knife, a Band-Aid.  I am not a planner and I am not good at being prepared, but James has steadily helping me to be better!

I won’t even go into the character or morals of an Eagle Scout, but I just have to say that I am thankful for my Eagle Scout, James who is otherwise known as “Baron” by so many of our friends in scouting.
Before we were married one of our mutual friends couldn’t believe I was marrying this Eagle Scout, but I’m happy to confess that I’d do it all over again.  I love my Eagle Scout.


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2 responses to “I Married An Eagle Scout

  1. Mandy Solajes

    Wow!.. Real nice persons rarely need recognition. Doing nice things in itself is their rewards.. Glad that you have such a nice man around. And I am glad that you express and show appreciation.

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