Time Well Spent?

I’ve been thinking about time. A dear friend of mine passed away this week. He was 75 years old. I still can’t stop thinking about the fact that I will never hear him say “Oh my country!” again. He finished the race set before him and he kept the faith. Losing Tom so unexpectedly makes me remember how my late Grandpa used to always say, “You just never know.”  This is so true of our time here on Earth.  Each day we have just 24 hours. Just 1440 minutes. Just 86,440 seconds. There is no way to tell the number of days that will add up to our life here on Earth.

Where does the time go? Why does it seem to pass so quickly in some instances and so slowly in others?  I do not know. I find myself wondering if how I am spending each minute, each hour, each day really matters. Did I show the love of Christ in all my words, actions, and deeds? If today were my last day on Earth would my time on Earth be time well spent? When people sum up life will the conclusion be a positive one? I’d like to say that I am certain the answers to these questions would be yes, but I’m not 100% sure.

I’ve got several countdowns going on. There are 29 days until James leaves for camp, and 434 days until the kids and I leave for camp. There are  120 days until baby # 4’s birth date give or take a few days. I like to count days and not months, because if I say I’m having another baby in 4 months I might send myself into a panic!  ;o)

I know that this is not my usual light-hearted post, but I will leave you with some looks back at how my family has grown over the past 4 years. While looking to the future and thinking about how I spend my time, I want to also look back at the past because of all the lessons that looking back can provide for the days ahead. Spend your days well my friends. You just never know how many you’ve got ahead of you.

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