Boom Baby!

I found out last night that another one of my husband’s cousins is expecting a baby. This one is due in December!  That makes a total of 9 babies for the year in my family and my husband’s family.  I am only counting my own baby due in August, our immediate families and branching out to our first cousins.  Nine new babies in two families in a year!  That’s a whole lot of babies!  I shared with my sister that there is another pregnancy in James’ family and that baby makes nine and she asked, “What are you guys drinking?”

I have not stopped to count how many of my friends are pregnant or have recently had babies, but I know that there seems to be a whole lot of babies everywhere!  I love babies and I love my kids and that’s why I’m having another baby!  I wonder why everyone else is in on the baby boom!  Is it the down turn in the economy? Is it that people need something positive in their lives? God knows we need the blessings? What do you think?  Do you know a lot of family members or friends who are expecting babies?  Why do you think there has been a recent baby boom?

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5 responses to “Boom Baby!

  1. Our family has been pretty similar as well. It could be the age we are where everyone is ready to start a family. I don’t know who said this, but I remember reading a quote years ago saying, “A baby is God’s way of saying the world should go on.” Maybe with all the disasters and craziness in the world, God is blessing with so many babies to remind us that He has not given up on us.

  2. Lillian

    Holy cow – that’s so crazy!! I love how you view it as a balance to all of the negativeness – they certainly are the sweetest blessing:)

  3. Stephanie

    I love Stacey’s theory on this.
    Here in Kentucky it seems like the entire county I live in is expecting. We had one of the worst years in our history last year (and a bit in ’08 – hurricane Ike) with the ice storm, a tornado and two devasting wind storms. We lost a lot both at home(with each incident) and with our business. Recovery seemed impossible several times. I’m pleased to say though our economy is turning around a lot sooner than we planned it. I guess these disasters actually caused us to boost our own local economy if we wanted to or not.

    We own a building downtown and with 5 women in it, now 3 are expecting. I must say though, not one of these three were planned : ) As a matter of fact, I’m not sure how many of the 20+ women here expecting actually planned it. It was a shocking couple of months around here with someone new finding out almost everyday.

    So it does seem like some sort of sign. Could this be part of God’s celebration for new life and recovery? Fears being lifted and replaced with excitement of new? I’m not sure but I would like to believe that it is!

  4. Whatever the reason, it is cause for rejoicing!

  5. wow! That’s a whole lotta babies!!!

    I remember back when I was pregnant with my first (he’s now five) nearly every couple in our young married sunday school class became pregnant – just all in the same phase of life, I suppose. All in all, 9 babies were born from the months of may-aug in 2000!!! 🙂

    Now, most of us have also had #2 in the same range as well.

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