Scout Camp Summer

Here’s a photo of my kids at one of their favorite spots at Ransburg Scout Reservation in Bloomington, Indiana during last year’s camp season. 

This summer will be the second summer that my family goes to Boy Scout Camp.  My boys are not old enough to be Boy Scouts.  They are only 2 and 4.  My daughter is 1 and 1/2 and I’m due baby girl #2 at the end of August.  What am I thinking . . .  I’ll be pregnant taking 3 kids 4 years old and under to camp during the heat of the summer?  What could my husband and I possibly be thinking taking kids so young to live at camp for almost 2 months of the summer?

The reason we are going to camp is because my husband is working at the camp as the Shooting Sports Director.  He heads to camp this Thursday night after he’s done with his “other” job of teaching middle school and high school Latin. The kids and I will leave in two more weeks.

We won’t really be “roughing” it.  Our home away from home is an air-conditioned house. We don’t have cable but we do have the internet and we get broadcast t.v.  I don’t have to cook very much! Most of the time we eat lunch and dinner in the dining hall with the scouts, scout leaders and the staff.  Laundry is not the nemesis it is when we are home. I only take a week’s worth of clothes for everyone plus clothes for rain and cooler weather. I have access to 3 washers and dryers to use all at once!  My husband is making some extra money and I’m getting paid a little to help out with camp photography! We are hoping to save money for the van that we will need very badly when baby # 4 comes!

The very best part about camp is that we get to spend time as a family having lots of fun,  hanging out with super cool people, and getting back to nature while still having the comforts of home and a few added bonuses!

Sure I will be herding 3 little ones around and I will be “great with child.”  I am sure that scout leaders will tell me every day that I “have my hands full.”  Maybe I can start a sponsorship for based on how many times I hear that phrase this summer.  I’m up for the challenge! That’s why they call me “Super Mommy!’ I look forward to sharing our camp adventures with you in the upcoming weeks!

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2 responses to “Scout Camp Summer

  1. How awesome is that? I think I need to give all but a weeks worth of clothes away! Simplicity! How divine! Keep being adventurous no matter how many kids you have! Visiting from Steady Mom

  2. Such a good experience for your kids!!!

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