This Moment

I’m watching my kids play. The two youngest  ones are playing together fighting over a toy tool box and the one year old is making the two year old cry.

I miss my husband. I am curious to find out why I haven’t heard from my him since this morning.   I’m wishing the kids and I were already at camp with him.

I’m hot and sweaty.  The kids and I just got back from a trip to CVS and because the blower in my car is not working. I just turned on the air in the house because the thermostat said it is 78 degrees in here.

I’m thankful for CVS because they e-mailed me a link to an online survey and for completing it I got a $10 in Extra Care Bucks to use on whatever I wanted.  I got Tylenol for me, Ibuprofen for the kids, and toothpaste for just over two dollars!

At this moment I am thankful to God.  My kids are healthy enough to play and to fight.  My husband is working at camp, a place that he loves, with people he loves and he’s earning extra money for our family.  I am thankful for air conditioning in my house.  I’m thankful for opportunities to save our family money.


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One response to “This Moment

  1. Lol at the children ‘playing together.’ 🙂

    Your thankful list got me to thinking… I’m thankful for humor, my crazy husband, my awesome children, moments of peace and the ‘everything’s gonna be alright feeling,’ and yes oh yes, air conditioning today… :))

    Love you, Angie

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