Hello From Camp Ransburg

Today is the first day that I have internet at my home away from home.  I figured I would put up an update just to let you know how things are going with us.

Storms – Our first week at camp we spent some time hanging out in the bathroom of our cabin due to severe thunderstorms.  Twice we had to go to the basement due to tornado warnings.  Thankfully both times occurred when James was at the cabin with us.  Trying to keep 3 little ones in a small space is just not very fun.

Bug Bites – Everyone has them! I even had to pull a tick off of Eliana!  Unfortunately I have passed on my trait of developing bright red itchy welts to my children.  We do our best to cover up if we are outside in the evenings, when the bugs are at their worst.  Andy just came to me complaining about feeling itchy all over . . . I think he is exaggerating just a little bit!

Sickness –  I think it is partly that we are all getting adjusted to the camp water and partly the cold/virus that Andy had before we left home to come to camp, but we’re all fighting something.  Joshua has not felt well the past couple days and I started coughing last night.

Home – Our cabin, thanks to our camp friends, is a lot cleaner this year. I am feeling a little bit spoiled with all new beds and a new couch and chair.  We have settled in quite nicely.  I think the boys are ready for twin-size beds now and I am ready for a new mattress at home!  🙂

Photos – I have started taking troop photos and photos for the Friday night campfire.  This week will be the first week that I am in charge of the slide show for Friday’s campfire and I am really looking forward to it.

Fun – We’ve had lots of fun hanging out with our many camp friends. The kids all have their favorite people to hang out.  They definitely feel loved here!  I am amazed at how entertaining rocks and sticks can be for a one-year-old!  Eliana starts crying and I just give her a rock. If I give her two rocks she bangs them together! Who needs toys?  (Seriously, I did actually bring toys to camp, but very few and we always keep them at our cabin.)  We’ve seen deer, birds, turtles, moths, fish, snakes and all kinds of bugs.  The boys favorite is feeding the fish and turtles at the observation pond cheese balls!

I think that is as brief as I can make this first update.  Hope I can update more frequently now that I am back on the internet!  Take care and God bless!!!

This post is part of the Steadymom’s 30 min. blog challenge. Here.



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2 responses to “Hello From Camp Ransburg

  1. It sounds like you guys are having a blast! Well, aside from the bug bites and the being sick. 🙂 We’re already missing you (Jaylee is so happy to see Andy, Josh, and Eliana in this photo that she keeps saying, “I wanna sit, please?”). I’m so glad you have the internet so we can see you a little more now!

    Oh, and Elizabeth showed me a picture of Jaylee’s blankie and I LOVE IT. Thank you soooo much!!!!

    Well, I love you, Sis. Oh, and I’m glad you don’t have to do laundry right now! 😀

    • Sondra

      Great pictures trying to figure out how to save them on my computer. Hope the storms are over. Looks like everyone is happy. We are doing ok. Have a great summer.

      Love you Grandma & Grandpa

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