Another Update from Camp Ransburg!

Week two of being at camp has flown by and I know the weeks will only go by more quickly.  I took over my job as the camp photographer. I take my camera when the kids and I go up to main camp and photograph the scouts, leaders, and the camp staff. There is one day a week that I get a babysitter for nap time and someone drives me to the different areas of camp so that I can take photographs for Friday night’s closing campfire. I take photographs for the troops that want  to purchase a troop photo while they are at camp. This week the photo printer was moved to our cabin so that I can print troop photos while the kids sleep and play. I think I wowed everyone with the slide show last Friday and this week I am going to work on adding some videos to the show!

Everyone is doing really well. We all seem to be on the downside of our colds/coughs.  Joshua got bit or was stung by something on his eyelid and the other day and his eye  was almost swollen shut.  This has happened to me before so I wasn’t surprised. Giving him some allergy medicine has helped a lot. Joshua also has scraped up one of his knees and it seems like every day he falls and busts open the scab! I’m pretty sure he’s going to have a pretty ugly scar from it.

I can’t believe I’m typing this but tomorrow I only have 60 more days until my due date!!!  My blood pressure has been good.  I was a little concerned that I’m not gaining as much weight here at camp compared to what I was gaining at home. I am pretty sure that part of the problem is the old junky scale that I’ve been using.  On the list of things to buy on pay-day is a new digital scale.  Andy keeps talking to me about when Isabel comes and asking me questions.  He gets me so excited to have this baby and to meet her . . . especially when he says things like “Oh my goodness! Your belly is humongous!”

I think that’s all I have to share for now! 🙂 Thanks for checking out our update!

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