The Things Kids Say

Andy’s stories have been getting more elaborate these days.  Joshua and Eliana have also been saying some pretty funny things too. I thought I would share some of them here because maybe you are bored of hearing about Boy Scout Camp.

Andy is still telling lots of stories about his bunny rabbit friend, Pobe. Pobe only recently came to camp but Andy told me that he will be staying at camp until we go home. These days every day and night Pobe is having another baby brother or sister. Pobe is an inventor of robots. These robots are amazing and shoot out huge salads. Pobe is also a transformer of pigs into rabbits.  Pigs seems to be one of Andy’s favorite topics. He told me he had a dream that there was a black pig that killed all the other pigs who weren’t black. He likes to talk about pigs jumping on people or eating other pigs.

The past few days he and Joshua have been pretending that everyone is some kind of sea creature or some kind of food.  Last night and this morning they said that Eliana was a little orange.  One of them would say Eliana is a little orange and then the other would yell “Let’s eat her!” This would be followed by a chase in which Eliana laughs and runs away from them both.  Andy is a carrot and Joshua is broccoli. I can’t remember what food them wanted me to be but I asked to be ice cream so Andy said I am a giant ice cream. (Of course I would not be a small ice cream because Andy tells me my belly is humongous! I have been craving ice cream for 3 days, so that is why I asked to be ice cream! If any of you are reading this and want to share with my dear husband that I want ice cream feel free to!)

Yesterday our camp friend were working on getting Joshua to say hello in different languages.  He would repeat “Bonjour” and “Hola” and the German hello which I could not spell if my life depended on it.  Another friend camp up after this and Joshua was asked ” How do you say hello in French” and he said “Hello in French.”  We all were cracking up laughing.

Eliana has been talking a lot more these days.  She doesn’t say yes, but she says “Yeah.” She has been randomly saying “Hi guy!” to random Boy Scouts that she sees. Instead of saying bye she says Bye-ya! I ask her if something is good and she repeats after me, “good!” I think at this point in time she likes to listen a lot more than she likes to talk. After all, she does have two big brothers that talk for her.

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  1. Oh, so cute! I could just imagine their little faces as they said and did these things. Such fun! Maybe I can be a cucumber or something. Did you get your ice cream yet?

    Well, I love ya and miss ya and can’t wait to see you all again soon. Couldn’t end this without saying that. 🙂

    *big hugs*

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