The Wait Continues

Forty-Five days and counting until Isabel’s due date.  At this point in  my pregnancy if I was home I would be going to the doctor every two weeks.  I have been weighing myself, getting my blood pressure checked at the camp health lodge, and I have been paying attention to baby Isabel’s daily routine of movements. My blood pressure has been great, and I’m sure it is because of all the exercise I get here at camp.  I have a pedometer here at camp but I haven’t used it.  It think it would be interesting to make a note of how many steps I take every day while here at camp. When I do go home I’ll be going to the doctor once a week!

The kids and I head home from camp two weeks from this Saturday and I am trying not to think about going home and trying to get things ready for Isabel’s arrival. James is still going to be  at camp for another week after he takes the kids and I home.  I still need to figure out who is going to sleep where! Here at camp I have experimented with putting Eliana’s playpen/bed in same room as the boys and the boys have been sleeping in twin beds.  It has actually worked out really well.  I have been debating on getting Andy a twin bed or getting the boys a trundle-bed. We do have two cribs! One is currently being used as a toddler size daybed for Joshua. Andy is sleeping on a toddler bed and Eliana is still in a crib.  I’m thinking about putting away some of the kids’ clothes to make more room in the boys closet!  It seems really crazy to only use 4 dresser drawers for 3 kids here at camp versus using a different dressers for each kid at home!

I have all these things on my list of things to do when I get home, getting out the newborn clothes, washing the crib bedding, arranging bedrooms, packing a bag for the hospital, and just thinking about it all makes me tired!

Speaking of being tired, I have been a lot more tired lately.  Nap time for the kids lots of times means  nap time for Mommy.  My pelvis and my back have really started hurting more.  I have also had more heartburn and started having some  nausea this past week since Isabel  is pushing on my stomach.

I am not ready for Isabel to come! I know it won’t be very long now!  I can’t stop thinking about the things I do for the love of my little ones!  The littlest one will be here before I know it and I’ll forget all the aches and pains of today and it will be like Isabel has always been a part of our lives. Until then the wait continues . . .


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2 responses to “The Wait Continues

  1. Aw, I know you’ve gotta be feeling pretty miserable. I remember those final days before Jaylee’s arrival so well. And I remember the panic that sets in about getting things ready. I’ll be praying for you and, though I know you’re not quite ready to come back to it all, I can’t wait to see you! ♥

  2. Lisa

    Just wanted to let you know that you are a real trooper! You can’t even tell that you are in pain! You have such a wonderful family and you all are a true blessing! I thank you for being here and sharing your family with us. Ransburg 2010 would have not been the same without all of you! Hang in there!

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