The Adventure Continues

I tend to get in these very thoughtful moods lately.  I should say that I tend to be in all different kind of moods lately, due to pregnancy hormones, but for now I’m going to share some thoughtful things.

The other day the kids and I stayed at the cabin all day because the camp staff went to King’s Island. James and I decided it best if the kids and I stay back. It would have been a 3 hour bus ride one way, getting back after 2 a.m., and spending all day in the heat.  Our day would have been like every other day minus the heading up to camp for meals, but because I have three little ones all 4 and under, soon to be four little ones all four and under, every day is an adventure.

I am really proud of our every day nap time routine. My kids all sleep at the same time. They don’t fuss too much about their nap. Sometimes Joshua is really excited about nap time. The other day nap time was almost a complete bust.  If I had to sum up nap time in two words I would say “Eliana escaped!” Not just one time or two times, but she kept getting out of the playpen and running around the house.  I never had this problem with the boys and I had no idea what to do.  Finally I ended up standing guard in the kids’ room until Eliana fell asleep. Actually I laid down on Joshua’s bed beside sleeping Joshua and almost fell asleep, because these days I can take a nap almost every day. Once I was sure that Eliana was asleep I got up and went into the other room to take a nap myself. Who should walk into the room but Joshua . . . and so I did not get to take a nap, but at least Eliana did!

One of the things we did was painting footprints, because Andy has been asking to for weeks. To make a long story short Eliana got into the red paint and painted both of her hands, one of her arms, and one of her legs. I ended up undressing Eliana and giving everyone a pink bath.  Andy kept laughing about the pink water.  Right after the bath Eliana ended up painting her hands and one of her feet red again because there was still red paint on the kitchen table.  Looking back I think maybe I should have put the red paint away first. The more I think about it though, the more unsure I am of what I would have done with little Miss Eliana all covered in wet red paint, if I had tried to put the paint away first.

Those are two stories from the other day, and this is a story from today.  This morning breakfast was a mess. Andy didn’t want cereal and he didn’t want pancakes. Joshua didn’t want eggs or pancakes or cereal.  I offered to make toast. We do not have a toaster at the cabin, so I toasted bread on the electric griddle. Did you know that it takes forever to toast bread on a griddle and that if you leave it on too long that your bread will turn into dry bread crumbs that will soak up any liquid in your mouth in a matter of seconds?  This is what I learned today before 9 a.m. Andy said very seriously, “Next time when we come to camp, we need to get a toaster.” He is so smart!

I am sharing three stories not just for your amusement, but because the more I think about it, the more I see my life and being a Mommy  as a learning adventure.  Sometimes it is all about the red paint or the Great Escape or the toast that wouldn’t toast and got too toasted. Being a mom is not all sunshine, smiles, and fun. If it was I am not sure that I would appreciate the sunshine, smiles, and fun as much as I do now.  I try to laugh so I don’t cry. I try to make the best of things no matter what. I try to look back and learn from my mistakes. I try . . . and sometimes I think that is all any of us can do.



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2 responses to “The Adventure Continues

  1. Thanks for your realness. You inspire me as a mom!

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