The Count Up and Down Continues

The kids and I have been home for a week now.  I have gotten most of my  unpacking done and we are  getting things ready for Isabel’s big day. I am very proud of the fact that I got rid of lots of toys this week.  I also have the kids clothes condensed into 2 dressers.  I pulled extra clothes to be put into storage and then I donated the hand-me-downs that I just absolutely hate. I’m not sure why I ever keep things that I will never dress my kids in. Maybe I feel badly because they were free, but I feel much better that they are not taking up space I can use for other things now!

We’re all getting settled into being at home. It’s a little bit funny because I know that as soon as we get settled a newborn will be in our midst and we’ll be very unsettled. I am trying to enjoy feeling settled while it lasts. As the countdown continues I still have got to get my bag packed for the hospital. I still have got to find an outfit for Miss Isabel.  This is a task that has proven harder than expected due to all the wild and crazy prints that seem to be in style right now!  I’m not a huge fan of the color pink, so that doesn’t help matters either!  I also need to get her clothes all washed and sorted.

The focus of last Sunday’s sermon was that the key to living a contented life as a Christian is the verse, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” The count up of the years of my life is 31 and one day today, and the countdown is 20 days. In everything I have found whether you are counting up or counting down you can count on Jesus and that is the TRUTH!

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