One of those days!

It’s just been one of those days.

The sink is full and overflowing with dishes because a few days ago I remembered to buy soap for the dishwasher.  I could have loaded the dishwasher to capacity twice over. Loaded the dishwasher and at the end of the drying cycle I open up the dishwasher and discover that the Finish Gelpac did not dissolve and thus did not clean the dishes. Thinking maybe it was operator error on my part I put the gelpac back in and run the dishwasher a second time and still the gelpac did not dissolve or clean the dishes.

I got the bright idea to walk to Marsh to exchange the Finish for something else because it is too hot and too much of a hassle to put the younger two kids in the car for a 2 minute drive to the store.  I discovered that it is hot and humid out.  I remembered that I am 38 weeks pregnant and walking is literally a pain. How I forgot these two simple facts I do not know.

I told Joshua not to jump on the couch and what does he do.  He keeps jumping on   the couch.  That is until he sees me get up and then he stops jumping and runs away.

I told Joshua and Eliana not to throw blocks.  They keep throwing blocks until I get up and then they stop and run away.

I had a Sprite.  No big deal right? It’s just a Sprite. WRONG! Almost all carbonated beverages and especially those from a can give pregnant women heartburn.  How I forgot this I do not know.  I only remember thinking that I was tired of drinking milk, water and juice.

I made quesadillas for dinner.  After adding taco seasoning to the ground beef the smell of it made me feel nauseated.  When the quesadillas were done I took a bite and immediately felt like I was going to get sick.  I excused myself from the table and took some TUMS!  I came back to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of milk, and ate 1/2 of what I normally would.

My dad called to let me know that my cousin has to have an emergency appendectomy (appendix removal).

I could add other things to my list, but I won’t.  I feel better just for sharing this little piece of why my day has been harder than other days!

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