And then there were 2 weeks!

Now there are only 2 weeks until my due date. I have found myself crocheting like a mad woman because for some reason I thought it would be brilliant to work on a blanket for my sister-in-law’s baby boy who is due in October before I worked on a blanket for Isabel. I’m not going to have time after the baby is born to work on a blanket for someone else and I know baby Isabel isn’t going to mind if her blanket isn’t finished before she’s born. Now that there are two weeks and probably actually less than two weeks I am in a panic about one baby blanket, because now I’m sure that I want to take it to the hospital so I can take photos of Isabel on the blanket. Right now it looks a lot like a baby doll blanket! Maybe if you catch me on Facebook you should ask me, “Shouldn’t you be crocheting?”I do have other photo props to take to the hospital. Yes, after giving birth I spend a lot of time taking photos! Who better to take photos of my newborn than me?

My to do list:

1. Buy newborn diapers. (I have been to the store twice to buy size 3 and 4 diapers and both times I could not bring myself to buy a pack of newborn ones.)
2. Buy new bibs and receiving blankets (I have old ones, but  I figure Isabel has tons of hand-me-downs. She deserves to get something new and just for her.)
3. Buy gifts for the older three to give as gifts from Isabel. (We started doing  this when Joshua was born.)
4. Keep the house clean. (Ha ha ha! I do know that this will never happen, but hey . . . I figure at least it should be on the list. A dream maybe just a dream but you gotta keep the dream alive.)
5. Set up the playpen/bassinet. I have resigned myself to the fact that Eliana will keep escaping. Keeping the baby in a bassinet for a few weeks or a few months will work just fine for the time being.
6. Crochet. (See above)
7. Rest and relax. (Another thing that needs to be on the list, but some times is unlikely and often downright impossible to do.)
8. Pray, pray every day. (A recent Sunday School chant the boys learned at church. The boys ask each other “What does the Bible say? and respond ‘Pray, pray every day!”  I find this chant reminds me that I should be praying all the time for God to help me in everything I say and do! Especially when it seems my home is a little bit like a zoo! (Complete with a chicken, a penguin, and a gorilla!)


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