Nine days!

Andy took this photo of me!

Nine days until baby Isabel’s due date. Talking about Isabel with Andy this past week I told him that God will choose Isabel’s birthday. He said very seriously “God does everything.” I was thinking to myself that my 4-year-old really is deep, when in the next breathe he said, “He even cleans pigs.” Never mind . . . he’s not that deep.  Yesterday I asked Andy when he thinks Isabel will come out. He told me that it will be the same day that his friend Lion has a baby boy. He said that’s what Pobe told him. (In case you didn’t know Pobe is Andy’s imaginary rabbit.) Andy went on to tell me that Pobe knows a lot of things and that he is even nocturnal and that he looks for food at night.

The kids and I took a trip to Wal-mart the other day to spend part of a gift card that a friend gave us for Isabel. We stocked up on diapers and wipes! I ended up getting matching Carter’s dresses for Isabel and Eliana because they were on clearance for $3 a piece. (I confess that in my  younger days I said I would never dress my kids in matching outfits, because my mom always dressed my sister and I in matching clothes. I figured out that kids just look cute in matching outfits, especially in photos! ;o) And of course you know how I love photos!)  Andy pick out a stuffed animal for Isabel. It’s an alligator, not a scary alligator but a cute alligator. I could not convince him to pick any thing else, because when he makes up his mind about something he is set on it. It will be fun years from now to tell Isabel that her big brother picked an alligator for her first stuffed animal!

My ankle sprain has made this whole idea of getting prepared seem more like a lost cause. But I’m sure James is happy that I’m not going on and on about all we need to do! Thanks for checking in on us! I’ll keep you posted!


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