One day until D-day!

There’s only one day until my due date and chances are if I go into labor it will be tomorrow before my baby girl is born. I went to the doctor today and for some reason I was nervous to find out if I have made any progress at all or if I would be exactly the same as I had been for almost 3 weeks.  Especially after going to the hospital and being sent home because nothing is happening!

Thankfully, things are progressing!  I am almost to 3 cm and I am 90% effaced. My doctor said that he expects to see me at the hospital soon and I hope he is right!  He told me in case I have “the most stubborn child in the world” an induction has been scheduled for me with me checking in next Thursday Sept. 2nd, but he really thinks I will deliver before then! No more office visits until after I deliver! Hooray!  I’m really excited to meet this baby girl and to take hundreds of photos of her to share with you!


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2 responses to “One day until D-day!

  1. Praying for a smooth, quick delivery and a healthy baby! Bless you guys and the transitional time you are entering (again!)

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