A Few of My Favorite Things

Well, I have been home for a couple of days with 4 kids instead of 3.  I can’t remember what product the commercial is for, maybe diapers or some other baby product, but the commercial says “Having a baby changes everything.” I have found this to be true no matter what number of kids you had in the past.  Bringing Isabel home has not been a piece of cake and I am definitely in survival mode but I have tons of favorite things.

As soon as our car pulled into the driveway. Andy went into the house to get the alligator that he picked out for Isabel and all three kids came running to greet us.

Joshua saying “Baby Isabel.” He puts a smile on my face every time.

Andy and Joshua singing together “Isabel Joy Maria.”

Eliana coming up and giving Isabel sweet kisses.

Eliana saying Isabel sounds like  Ah-Bel.

Whenever Eliana finds Isabel’s blankets or toys she brings them to me and says “Ah-Bel.”

Joshua telling me, “Isabel is hungry for your milk.”

Andy saying Isabel is so cute, with a cute nose and cute cheeks.

Taking only Ibuprofen for pain.

James holding Isabel and how small she looks nestled in his arm.

The way Isabel knows and listens to her brothers and her sister when they are talking or singing to her.

Having 4 kids trying to snuggle with me at the same time.

Eating meals while nursing Isabel. It makes me feel super talented!

Having 3 kids that fight over who will gets to go find diapers, wipes, blankets, or outfits for Isabel.

Isabel smiling and laughing in her sleep.

The list could go on and on , but for now that is all.

Thanks for reading and praying for our family during this transition time! God bless you!


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One response to “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Aw! What an awesome list of favorite things!! 🙂 How inspiring!! I love one where you mention cuddling with four little ones… That’s gotta be the best feeling ever!

    Love you,

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