Thirteen Days – How’s it going?

Today Miss Isabel is 13 days old and she has a brand new cousin today!  I am getting into a grove after almost 2 weeks of being home with a newborn.  Isabel is such a blessing.  She sleeps  2-3 hours at a time but that also means that she likes to nurse and she likes to nurse a lot!  The past few days she has been awake for longer periods of time.  It is so much fun to watch her.  My absolute favorite is when her older siblings talk to her and sing to her.  You can tell that she already “knows” them from listening to them from inside the womb.  She’s already holding her head up a little and after a little over a week she has gained a pound.   They grow super fast and it seems with each of my kids that they grow faster and faster.  Maybe it’s because I have more and more to do with each kid that I add.  I’ve managed to keep the big kids pretty much in their regular routine. There are a few times when Isabel’s eating schedule throws things off but for the most part we work it out! 🙂

My house has suffered the most since Isabel’s arrival.  When she is asleep I try to rush around and get things done, but it hasn’t been working well because when she is asleep I usually have to work on meal time with the “big kids.” There are piles mountains of clean laundry covering my couch and my bed.  I’ve been working on getting everything folded but it hasn’t been going very well! There are several piles of dirty laundry in the laundry room.  I haven’t loaded the dishes into the dishwasher for a few days, but I think all the bowls in the house are dirty, so I must get the dishes washed before breakfast tomorrow.  Sometimes and especially lately naps win out over house work!

Confession: :::sigh::: I have had to start and stop typing this post more than 5 times so far.  I am working on trying to figure out what can help Isabel be content during her “awake” times.  It is obviously not me if she is not hungry.  James can hold her and she will be as content as can be.  I hold her and she just smells milk.  James was holding her last night and he said that every time I talked she would smack her lips.  Way to make me feel like her own personal Moo Cow!

Joshua’s birthday is Thursday and his party is on Sunday.  I want the house to at least be presentable by Sunday.  Maybe I’ll just hang a sign that says “Pardon Our Mess.”  I’ll let you know how it goes!

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