My Day: Part One

My morning shift always starts with three sets of diapers. Plain and simple kid # 2 has not been interested in using the potty. He has just now started to tell me that he needs to go to the restaurant. He means restroom, but it sounds similar. I correct him but he forgets. When he tells me he needs to go to the restaurant he has already gone. Slowly but surely we’re making progress. After diapers kid # 4 has her own little eating marathon. Nursing babies like to “cluster” feed after being asleep for a long stretch of time. This basically means that she wants to eat 3-4 times in a row for more than an hour  with breaks for burping. It is usually while I am feeding kid # 4 that kid # 3 wants me to get her a drink. I am teaching her patience. Kid # 3 says “Hold me” while I am feeding # 4. As I write this # 4 is sitting but not swinging in the baby swing. If she swings she will throw up everything that she ate and I’ll have to nurse her again. Numbers 1 – 3 are playing with Legos. We have Legos because I decided that I strongly dislike Megablocks. If we don’t eat breakfast in the next 10 minutes we won’t have breakfast until after Dinosaur Train, because Dinosaur Train is the most important show of the day and it trumps the most important meal of the day. I told # 1 to turn off the t.v. and he told me I want to watch Dinosaur Train because it’s coming up next. While Dinosaur Train is on empty the dryer and move the wet clothes in the washer to the dryer. Yes, the wet clothes were already there from late last night. I  load the washer again. Breakfast is dry cereal for # 1 and # 2 and wet cereal for # 3 and Mommy.  Kid # 1 drags two laundry baskets into the living room from the bedroom. I convinced the kids that we are not watching t.v. after breakfast so they play with Legos again and pretend our entry way is an ocean. Number 3 bites # 1 and he cries. Number 3 gets scolded and cries.  Number 4 cries, because she wants to eat again. I feed her and then I put her down on a blanket on the floor.  She fussed for a little while but then she was asleep. While she sleeps I clean the oven. We’re getting a new-to-us oven from my mother-in-law. After the oven is cleaned I move # 4 to her bed. Number 1 and # 2 run up and down the hallway. I stop them twice to tell them not to run in the house.  It’s noon so I think I will post this as Part One of my day.



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2 responses to “My Day: Part One

  1. Abby

    I’m tired just reading this. You are an amazing and strong woman!

  2. Patty Anderson

    I have no idea how you have the energy to go like this every day. I have occasional days that are hectic like this with just one, but to go day in and day out with 4 is just remarkable, and miraculous. You win the Super Mommy award Michelle! Good luck, and God Bless!!

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