My Day: Part Three

The quiet was broken by crying.  Number 3 was crying in her sleep.  I prayed over her and she quieted down again. There were two loads of unfolded laundry. I started working on these and a little while after that # 2 was awake. For a few minutes he sat beside me leaning on my back digging his elbow into my shoulder and  holding my hair while he sucked his thumb. One of the boys put a toy in # 3’s crib. It was a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy,  a Littlest Pet Shop giraffe that fits into a teacup. Only the wonderful giraffe isn’t stuck in the teapot and # 3  is constantly bringing it to me so that I can put the giraffe back into the cup. “Broke” she says.  This toy is not meant for a 1-year-old! Can someone say “Gorilla Glue?” James called to say he was on his way home and to talk about what we wanted to do for dinner. He had read my blogs part one and two so I didn’t have to tell him about my day.  Joshua followed me into the kitchen and the first thing he asked for was cookies, so I gave him a couple of cookies. We decided on tacos, which don’t take very long to make, so I folded the two baskets of laundry and started on dinner. Before I started dinner # 1  was awake and looking through the pantry. He had a few Wheat Thins before I told him that he couldn’t have any more before dinner. When # 2 saw that # 1 had crackers of course he wanted some too and he cried when I wouldn’t give him any. James called and told us to start dinner without him because he was going to stop at the store.  I got everyone’s plates and bowls ready.  There was an argument about where # 1 and # 2 were going to sit. They both wanted to sit the same chair. Then # 2 started throwing a fit about wanting a big plate instead of a small one, but I was able to distract him with sour cream. He always wants lots of sour cream! Crisis averted! Number 1 threw a fit when I put tomatoes on his taco when he wanted sour cream too. I explained that I was giving him tomatoes because he said he wanted them.  He said he did not want tomatoes but that he wanted sour cream instead. Then he was mad when I took the tomatoes off his taco, and told me he wanted both. Finally everyone had what they wanted and the boys sang grace. Dinner was a hit, even with # 2 who had cookies just a little while before dinner.  Amazingly # 4 slept the whole time. James came home with the gift of 3 Veggie Tales movies, one each kid #’s 1-3. We all love Veggie Tales and have quite a large collection. We had a Veggie Tales movie marathon! Number 3 didn’t really watch the movies, but she played quietly. She and # 2 argued over the Elmo chair that we have. I moved another set of laundry but didn’t get the clean clothes folded again. Number 4 woke up to eat during the first movie and by the time we started the third movie she was asleep again.   During the third movie I gave everyone apple slices and got them dressed in pajamas. Number 3 usually doesn’t mind footie pajamas, but she came to me complaining about her feet so we switched to a different set of footie pajamas. I’m still not sure what the problem with the first set was. When the movie ended Andy did his before bed routine of using the restroom, washing his hands and brushing his teeth. I helped # 2 and # 3 brush their teeth. James was looking for his clothes for tomorrow and I let him know that they are in the dryer. James felt really dizzy before bed and he thought he might fall over. He asked me to stay in the bathroom while he showered just in case he fell. I talked to my sister on Facebook chat for a while and I woke Isabel up to feed her before bed.  James asked me to stay in the bedroom because he was still dizzy while lying in bed so I relocated. Now everyone in my house is asleep except for me. I hear # 4 smacking her lips though so that probably means I will be feeding her a few more times before she’s asleep for the night or at least until 3 a.m. when she gets up for her middle of the night feeding! Goodnight!

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  1. I’m exhausted for you. Love, prayers and positive thoughts all headed your way… I hope Isabel skips her middle of the night feeding and that you get to sleep in!!!

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