My Day: Part Two

I got to take a shower! This is how I decide if I had a good day or a bad day. Did I get to take a shower?  While in the shower # 2 came in and told me that # 1 hit # 3 and she was crying.  I could hear # 3 not crying but playing and she sounded happy.  Then I heard # 4 crying, so taking my time to take a shower and get dressed was not an option. I talk to # 4 but she is not consoled until I feed her AGAIN!  It really stesses me out to listen to her cry. My sister-in-law sent me a text asking if I had time to upload a photo to Walgreen’s so that she can pick up a  print. While I’m feeding # 4 I browse through  photos and try to figure out which one to print. Numbers 1-3 all want to play with the same pirate ship and # 1 is pulling his sister along with the ship. I tell him to stop and when he doesn’t I put # 4 down and she starts crying. Number 1 gets two swats for not listening and he cries. I pick # 4 up and continue feeding her. When she is done I put her down. I look out the window to see an excessively pierced young man coming up to the door. When I stand I see the truck of a tree service company in the road. This guy had what looked like 4 nails coming out of his nose, piercing in his ears and a big square in his chin. I have trouble hearing some times, and he was very soft-spoken when he asked if we need our tree trimmed. I tell him no. It was super hard not to stare, but I told him that’s okay and that we were good. I texted back and forth with the sis-in-law and make sure which photo she wants. Horizontal or Vertical and how close-up.  I take a photo of my computer screen and ask if one certain photo is what she wants. Number 4 fell asleep on me so I put her down on top of my Boppy pillow. She wakes up almost instantly and cries. Then number 2 and # 3 are fighting over the pirate ship. Why do they always have to play with the same thing? Number 2 wants to share but # 3 refuses so I get up and give # 3 a swat to the behind! She cries and starts saying “hold me, hold me, hold me.” I tell her to sit down beside me. Number 4 is still crying and now # 3 points at # 4 and says “Ah-bel crying.” I say, “Yes, Isabel is crying.” and I suggest that # 3 talk to # 4.  She does but to no avail.  I finish uploading the photo while # 4 cries. I pick her up and pat her back and finally she settles down. I look at the clock and realize that it is already 1 p.m.  I put # 4 in her swing and turn the swing on. She stops crying and goes to sleep.  I go into the kitchen with every intention of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That is what my kids want to eat every. single. day. There is jelly and peanut butter but there is no bread except for hotdog buns and hamburger buns. While # 1 and # 2 protest I tell them that we are having macaroni and cheese for lunch.  I offer grapes to try to help them get over the huge disappointment of no PBJ. Number 2 is very upset crying and sobbing and says he does not want grapes but that he wants cookies! I tell him that we are not having cookies before lunch because they are a dessert food. I tell him that if he doesn’t want lunch he can go take a nap now. He changes his mind and decides that he does want grapes after all.  I have numbers 1-3 sit at the table and we have some grapes. This does not last long and # 1 wants to go play, so I let him get up.  Finally the macaroni and cheese is done. I let them eat while I get on the internet. My stomach is acting up and I need to double-check what medicine I can take since I am nursing the baby.  I’ve been drinking Gatorade to stay hydrated. Thank you Dr. Sears I thought that I could take imodium!  He confirmed it so I did. After taking some medicine I had a little mac and cheese myself, ate some popcorn, and drank some gatorade. Checking on the kids I found # 2 ate all his food. Number 1 and number 3 still have a little. After some coaxing everyone finishes eating. I carry # 3 to her crib and put her in and give her stuffed dinosaur “Roar” She starts crying and yelling “Mama” almost instantly.  I tell her that it’s time to sleep and let her continue crying. Then I return to the living room and tell the boys to go to bed. They go, but within a few minutes # 1 came back. I start to tell him to get back to bed, when I realize that he only came back for his blanket.  I loaded up the dishwasher and discover that one side of the sink is draining super slowly. Then I started typing this, Part Two of my day. The house is quiet. I go to check on everyone. Number 3 is sleeping, number 1 is lying in bed, and number 2 is in his closet! Number 2 is told to get into bed and go to sleep. I come back in the living room and go back to check a second time and number 2 is asleep. For now # 4 is still sleeping in the swing and this time she is swinging. I forgot to start the dishwasher and I haven’t moved laundry since after breakfast so this concludes Part 2.

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