Bad Days Get Me Down

So yesterday started with a literal storm. The wind was blowing fiercely. The rain was coming down in sheets. The tornado siren went off. The kids and I headed into the bathroom with my laptop. I took my laptop so that the kids could watch videos that I have saved on my computer.  They have their usual favorites, Eliana’s baby video, our camp friends singing “Stay on the Sunny Side of Life.” I posted that I was thankful for my laptop.  Shortly after the literal “storm” was over a figurative storm began.  A stranger came to my door bearing bad news that I do not wish to share with the world.  Then my laptop locked up. I was on the phone with Apple’s customer service for nearly 3 hours trying to fix the problem only to discover that my dear Macbook has to be sent in for repair. More bad news the internal hard drive is what needs repaired. The program to back up my computer would not run so I had to manually backup my photos and everything on my computer. During this process I kept getting error messages. While I was on the phone for 3 hours the kids took naps, woke up from naps, and yelled and cried.  I had planned to do so many other things, the laundry, the dishes, clean the bathroom.  None of those things got done.  At some point Joshua took his diaper off.  I saw the diaper and thinking that it was me who had not thrown the diaper away I just put it into the trash and didn’t think about it.  It was not until much later when I went to change Joshua and discovered that he had soaked his pants and left a puddle on the floor that I discovered that I had not left a diaper out but that Joshua did.  James called and I cried.  Did I mention that I haven’t been feeling well?  The cold that everyone got has been given to me.  With no sick days or personal days to speak off I must press on.  The storm shall pass. My Macbook will get fixed, the bad news will get better, some day (hopefully sooner than later) Joshua will be potty-trained, and this cold that still is plaguing our home will not last forever.  I can let the bad days get me down for a little while, but I must keep everything in perspective.  Things could be worse.

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  1. Hang in there. I wish I had some wonderful words of wisdom of my own. I will be praying for you, though, that God will continue to strengthen and encourage you. (((Hugs)))

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