Stay on the Sunny Side

Today my 4-year-old told me, “I wasn’t going to bite him. I was just going to see how he tastes.”  This was after I could not decide what to eat for lunch and he told me,”Eat you.” I could have gotten angry that he was trying to bite his brother, but instead I laughed at him. I don’t know how he comes up this stuff! Earlier today he was using his plastic saw to “work on” the window sill and in doing so he chipped some of the paint off.  I confess that I was not happy about this, and I let him know it.  Rather than continue being upset with him, I realize that he is after all only 4. I often forget this little fact, especially when he is correcting my pronunciation of dinosaur names and scolding me for not putting his toothbrush in the right place. He’s a kid and kids will be kids.

My two-month-old  has been going through a growth spurt and I lament the fact that once again I had to venture to my underground clothing storage closet basement to find her some clothes that fit her.  It’s a hassle to sort her clothes AGAIN, but the hassle is for a good reason.  My baby girl is growing.  I’m happy and thankful that she getting bigger and that she is healthy.

If you are going to stay positive you have to be intentional about it.  Sometimes it easier said than done to stay positive. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the negatives. It’s a lot more fun and a lot more healthy to stay on the sunny side of life.


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