My Grandma

Today I watched my Grandma and my almost 2-year-old daughter, Eliana play peek-a-boo.  Even if I didn’t have a photo that memory will be forever etched into my mind.  Some times Grandma knows who I am and other times she does not.  Today she knew me and she knew my kids.  She was able to laugh and to smile at them while she watched them play. Joyce Marie is my Grandma. Isabel Joy Maria is my 2-month-old daughter. The similarities are not a coincidence. My Grandma was the lady that would take her three grandkids to church every time the church doors were open.  She was the one who would fix a Sunday dinner big enough to feed an army.  She was the one who took my cousins into her home when their family members couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of them.  When I was younger she would tell me that I was “no bigger than a bar of soap after a weeks washing.”  If someone was getting on your nerves or doing some wrong to you she would tell you to tell that person “to go flip sand.”  She loves her family and she loves God. While she is not who she once was be due to several strokes and her failing health, I still remember who she was and how much of a difference she has made in my life.  I am eternally thankful for her and for the things that she taught me.  I am painfully aware of that fact that she could be gone tomorrow and so I’m very thankful for the time that I got to spend with her today. I’m thankful that my kids got to spend time with her today.  She’s my grandma and I love her.


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